Burgundy Denk´art frá Zalto

19.900 kr.

Burgundy vínglös tvö í pakka
Lögun vínglassins gefur víninu færi á að anda og kallar fram kosti þrúgunar. Hentar einkar vel fyrir kröftug vín sem eru yfir 13% alkahól.
Sérstaklega fyrir þrúgur eins og Burgundy,Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Chardonnay og Grüner Veltliner.

– Handblásin
– Blýlaus kristall
– Þola uppþvottavél
– Hæð 230mm
– Margverðlaunuð


“The Denk`Art glass is fleet-footed, very elastic and despite the almost delicate working, surprisingly break-proof. Furthermore, it makes a great visual impact, is contemporary and all features considered superior to all other glasses.” Heinz Reitbauer, patron of the “Chef’s Hat-crowned” restaurants “Steirereck” and “Pogusch”

“The glass is the repository for the content. Water, wine, sparkling wine and beer are processed to an unsurpassable indulgence by the new Denk`Art series.” Toni Mörwald, chef and licencee of the “Chef’s Hat-crowned” restaurants “Ambassador”, “Kloster Und ” and “Zur Taube”

“Great wines develop even better in the new Denk`Art glass – a great enrichment for the entire glass- and wine-world!“ Franz Hirtzberger, chairman of “Vinea Wachau“

“I didn’t think, that there would be anything better on the glass-market … this glass is. Moreover it has something erotic …” Francois Mauss, president of the “Grand Jury European”

“For us the burgundy-glass by Hans Denk –Denk`Art- is the most ingenious glass for Grüner Veltliner. Especially for more mature, particularly premium and concentrated `Smaragd`-wines. For the wine it creates an enamel, profound fruit and elegance in implausible extent. We are enthusiastic.” Rudolphine and F.X.Pichler, winemakers from the Wachau.

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Guidelines for washing in the dishwasher:
Always use the dedicated glass-program of the dishwasher (either with the stemware icon or temperatures below 55° Celsius) and follow the instructions of the manufacturer.
The glasses have to be fixed properly to avoid falling on other objects or hit when the water pressure can move them during the washing
The dose of chemical has to be kept gently low to avoid overdoses. Tabs usually contain all additives so others like rinse agent are obsolete and can damage the glasses when still in the tanks. Phosphate-free detergents have to be avoided because of the aggressive substitutes.

The glasses should not be exposed too long to the hot steam once the wash cycle is over. Open the door a bit to let the steam out.
In general, we have to say that for all wine-glasses, the stem is usually the most critical and sensitive part. Though the bowl should be handled gently especially from inside to avoid high pressure (e.g. because of excessive use of a brush or inserting a sponge). Usually rinsing with hot water and careful polishing with a microfiber-cloth is sufficient.

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